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Interstate 440

Interstate 440 is the major expressway around the southwest side of Nashville. This provides a alternative to the narrow and tight turns on I-40/I-65 through downtown Nashville.

While in Tennessee, I-440 is not multi-plexed

WB I-440 at Murphy Road

Interstates that I-440 cross in Tennessee.

Interstate 40 at Nashville

WB I-440 near I-40 at Nashville

Interstate 65 on the southside of Nashville

EB I-440 near the first indication of I-65.

Close up of the BGS in the picture above.

First glances of the I-440/65 stack on EB I-440.

EB I-440 at I-65.
Interstate 24 at Nashville

One of the first BGS for the interchange with I-24/40 on EB I-440.

EB I-440 at I-24/40.

EB I-440 at I-24/40.

I-440's parent route.

Sign informing motorist the quickiest way to the Nashville International Airport on EB I-40.

These signs are located on every entrance ramp to I-440.

EB I-440 marker.

A BGS on SB I-65.
Photo from: Paul Dienhart

EB I-440 east of I-65.

Overhead signs on SB U.S. Rt. 31A/41A in Nashville.

17 August 2015