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Dan Ryan Expressway

The Dan Ryan Expressway is a north-south expressway in Chicago. This runs from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Expressway and the John F. Kennedy Expressway at the Circle Interchange to Interstate 57 and the Bishop Louis Henry Ford Freeway at 95th Street. It carries the shields of Interstate 90 and Interstate 94. Interstate 90 runs from the Circle Interchange to the Chicago Skyway. The entire expressway carries the Interstate 94 shield.

This expressway is named after the former president of the Cook County Board.

What makes this expressway interesting is that from the Circle Interchange to the Chicago Skyway, it is 14 traffic lanes wide with two (2) to four (4) light-rail line between the NB and SB lanes.

The Ryan Expressway passes through the following town in Illinois.

The Ryan Expressway is controlled by the Illinois Department of Tranportation.

The Ryan Expressway crossed the following interstates in Illinois.
Interstate 90, (John F. Kennedy Expressway) at Chicago.
Interstate 94, (John F. Kennedy Expressway) at Chicago.
Interstate 290, (Dwight D. Eisenhower Expressway) at Chicago.
Interstate 55, (Adlai Stevenson Expressway) at Chicago.

NB Ryan (Locals) at the Stevenson Expressway.

Interstate 90, at Chicago.
Chicago Skyway, at Chicago.

A BGS on NB Ryan.

WB Ryan at the Chicago Skyway. (November, 2007)
Interstate 57, at Chicago.
Interstate 94, (Bishop Louis Henry Ford Freeway) at Chicago.

SB Ryan at I-57/Ford Freeway.

SB Ryan at I-57/94. (November, 2007)

A work zone info sign on NB I-57. (Feb., 2006)

A thank you sign on the NB Ryan. (November, 2007)

NB Ryan near 95th Street. (November, 2007)

WB I-94 at 95th Street.

WB I-94 (Ryan Expy.) at 87th Street

NB Ryan near 83rd Street. (November, 2007)

NB Ryan near 79th.

NB Ryan at 76th Street.

NB Ryan at 71st Street.

Lane markers on NB Ryan for the start of the Local and Express Lanes.

NB Ryan near I-90 (Chicago Skyway). (2003)

NB Ryan Locals at the Skyway. (March, 2006)

NB Ryan north of 63rd Street.

NB Ryan Locals near 63rd.

NB Ryan near 51st Street.

NB Ryan at Garfield.

NB on the Ryan Expy. in the Express Lanes near 47th. (4 NB Express Lanes, 3 NB Local Lanes; 4 SB Express Lanes, 3 SB Local Lanes)

NB Ryan near 47th Street.

Access from the Express Lanes to the Local Lanes at 43rd Street on the NB Ryan Expy.

NB Ryan near 43rd Street.

EB Ryan in the Local Lanes near U.S. Cellular Field.

BGS on NB I-55.

NB Ryan at the Chicago River.

EB Ryan near Canal Port.

WB Ryan at Canal Port near Downtown Chicago.

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