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Business Loop Interstate 96

Business Loop Interstate 96 runs mostly north-south through the center of Lansing. It runs between M.P. 90 and M.P. 104 on Interstate 96.

BUSN Loop I-96 passes through the following town in Ingham-Clinton Counties.

BUSN Loop I-96 is multi-plexed in Ingham-Cliton Counties.
Capitol Loop, at Lansing.

BUSN Loop I-96 crosses the following highways in Ingham-Clinton Counties.
Interstate 96, at Lansing.
Interstate 496, at Lansing.
Capitol Loop, at Lansing.
Capitol Loop, at Lansing.
BUSN Loop I-69, at Lansing.
Michigan State Route 43, at Lansing.

Interstate 69, near Delta Township. (NO INTERCHANGE)
Interstate 96, near Delta Township.

NB BUSN Loop I-96 near Cavanaugh Road.

A BGS on EB I-496.

7 September 2009