Bloomington to Lincoln

August, 2013Posted by Bill


In the section from Bloomington to Lincoln, U.S. 66 runs along the west side of Interstate 55. Near Shirley, and Funks Grove the old four lane sections only have two lanes open. A bike path has been placed in the former lanes. When you get to Mclean, there are a few turns on the city streets. Here is the Home of Dixie. A once popular family resturant and truck stop, that now is more of just a gas station.

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Shirley is a town just west of the railroad tracks along U.S. Rt. 66. This is also another access point to U.S. Rt. 66 if you miss your turn on Veterans Parkway. At Bloomington, Veterans Parkway merges into SB I-55. The next exit is at Shirley.

SB Rt. 66 near Shirley.

Funks Grove
The next town along the way is Funks Grove. Funks Grove is known for their sirup.

SB Rt. 66 near Funks Grove.

The sign for the sirup shop.

The attraction sign on Rt. 66.

McLean is one of the best pit-stop sites along Rt. 66 in Illinois. Here there are two major gas stations and resturants. There is a Shell/Mc Donalds and the famous Dixie Truckers Home.

SB Rt. 66 near McLean.

Dixie Truckers Home at McLean.

Dixie has a small museum set up in the truck stop.

A tourist marker for Dixie Truck Stop.

A close-up of the tourist marker for Dixie Truck Stop.

A sign along U.S. 136 for the depot.

The depot.

At Atlanta there are two alignments of the highway. Rt. 66 went through town from 1926-1930. It was by-passed to the east.

1st Alingment 2nd Alingment

Lawndale is a small group of houses along the railroad tracks before you get to Lincoln.

Looking at Lawndale from Rt. 66.