Broadwell to Sherman

August, 2014Posted by Bill


In the section of U.S. 66 from Lincoln to Sherman, it follows the east Frontage Road along Interstate 55. This is a very quiet stretch of U.S. 66 in Illinois

The town of Broadwell is the first town south of Lincoln. The main attraction here is the famous "Pig Hip" restaurant. This opened in 1937. It was one of the main stopping points along U.S. 66 and for the Illinois Traction Company in the 1940's. In 2003 this became a museum. On Monday, March 5, 2007 the Pig Hip burnt to the ground.*

City limit sign at Broadwell.

The city limit sign in July, 2014.

66 attraction sign.

The sign for the resturant.

The restaurant along old rte. 66.

At Broadwell, the original alignment of Rte. 66 was adjusted slightly to give direct flow for traffic from the town to I-55.

SB U.S. 66 at Broadwell.

SB Rte. 66 approaching Broadwell.

NB Rte. 66 approaching the same intersection as above.

Rte. 66 is also the Frontage Road.

Much of Elkhart is to the east of Rte. 66 and the Union Pacific Railroad. The right-of-way for Old Rte. 66 still exists. This is even though only two-lanes remain paved.

A city limit sign on SB U.S. 66.

A billboard on SB I-55.

SB Rte.66 approaching Elkhart.

SB U.S. 66 in Elkhart.

Looking south along Rte. 66 at Elkhart.

Just before you reach the Springfield Metro Area, you pass through a small town of Williamsville. Here Rte. 66 curves around the westside of town like many others, but the signs guild you through town.

City limit sign for Williamsville.

Looking south along Rte. 66 in Williamsville.

A old gas station in town.
In Williamsville there are two "Spurs" of the historical route that were set up to lead to points-of-interest in the town.

Click for pictures from the spurs.

Assembly at a intersection in Williamsville.

From Williamsville to Sherman, Rte. 66 runs along I-55.

BGS informing drivers of the Here Rt. 66 breaks away from I-55. Going SB, it is a normal interchange. Heading NB though, you follow the original route (which turns into the ramp) into I-55, as it runs multi-plexed with I-55 to Williamsville.

NB Rte. 66 approaching I-55.

A old bridge along NB Rte 66.

NB Rte 66. close to merging with I-55 near Sherman. The old SB lanes are visible to the far left of the picture.

NB Rte. 66 at I-55.

Through the Village of Sherman, Rte. 66 is a four-lane route.

SB Rt. 66 on the northside of Sherman.

A car dealer's sign in Sherman.

SB Rt. 66 approaching the Sangamon River near Sherman.