Dwight Marked

Dwight Road, Illinois 47, Mc Namara Avenue, Waupansie Street, Old Route 66

June, 2013Posted by Bill


Over the life of highway travel in the Dwight area, there have been four alignments of the "Chicago to St Louis" trail. This page is the first alignment at Dwight. This is the current marked historical path at Dwight. Entering the town from the north, Route 66 turns left off the Frontage Road on to "Historic 66", Dwight Road. This runs along the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Near the Dwight Sewage Facility, Route 66 turns left onto Illinois 47. After crossing the Norfolk Southern Railroad, Illinois 47 turns left and crosses the Union Pacific Railroad, Route 66 goes straight. This path runs along the north and west side of the village. On the southwest side of the village, Route 66 again runs along the Union Pacific Railroad, and re-joins the by-pass route.

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NB Rt 66 on the southwest side of town.

An Illinois Tourism marker for area motels.

A close-up of the marker above.

Feddersen's Pizza Garage a interesting place to eat in Dwight.

A building with a bunch old signs in Dwight.

The same building as above in 2013.

The sign for a small resturan south of IL St Rt 17.

A painting on the side of the Old family Resturant.

A historcal marker for Ambler-Beckers Texaco in Dwight at Old U.S. 66 and IL St Rt 17.

Ambler-Beckers Texaco in Dwight, IL.

Ambler-Becker Texaco after it was refurbished in Dwight.

An Illinois Tourism marker at the Texaco station.

A close-up of the marker above.

An Illinois Tourism marker.

A close-up of the marker above.

A close-up of the marker above.

A billboard for Dwight along Rt. 66 at the Texaco station.

A mural on a coffee shop in Dwight.

NB Old Rt 66 in Dwight.

Welcome sign located at Old Rt. 66 and IL St Rt 47 in Dwight.

This alignment multi-plexed IL St Rt 47 for about a quarter of a mile on the northside of town.

NB Old Rt 66 continues straight to Gardner, as IL St Rt 47 heads north to Morris.