Ponntiac 1930-1939

Pontiac Road; North Division Street; West Lincoln Avenue; Ladd Street

July, 2013Posted by Bill


As traffic on U.S. 66 grew, It was routed down a path just a few blocks west of Downtown Pontiac.

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The Log Cabin Resturant.

An Illinois tourism marker.

A close up of the marker.

SB U.S. 66 just after the split from the 1926 alingment.

Heading north out of Pontiac toward the "Old Log Cabin".

SB U.S. 66 near Pontiac Road and Division.

This here is a bridge from prior Rt. 66 era. The siding on the bridge markes the route as IL Rt. 4.

Closer look at the marker.

Even closer look.

Close up of the bridge plaque. This bridge dates 1926.

Looking east at the bridge in June, 2013.

A plaque at the bridge in June, 2013.

The two markers at the bridge in June, 2013.

A close up of the Illinois tourism marker in June, 2013.

Looking south at the bridge in June, 2013.

Looking close at the Hwy 4 marker in June, 2013.

Old aligment on the northside of town.

An Illinois Tourism marker for the Illinois State Police at the corner of Custer Ave, Ladd St, and Lincoln Ave.

An Illinois Tourism marker along Ladd Street.

A closeup of the marker.

The old Palamar Hotel in Pontiac.

A section of the Palamar that is no longer in use.

The original alignment on the southside of town.

A mural at the corner of Reynolds and Ladd in Pontiac.