Pontiac Sights

Downtown Pontiac

July, 2013Posted by Bill


In and around the downtown area of Ponitac is murals painted on the sides of buildings. In the different shops in town and visitor centers you can get a guide for the murals. There are other attractions to see with in a few blocks of the courthouse in downtown.

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Pontiac Murals

"Pontiac on Route 66"
Presented by: Route 66 Association of Illinois

Presented by: Floyd A. & Rita L. Byrne Trust

"Abe Lincoln/Strevell House"
Presented by: The J. Post Yost Trust

"Drink Coca-Cola"
Presented by: Clemens & Asoc.

"Rodino Square"
Presented by: Bank of Pontiac

"Palace of Sweets"
Presented by: H.J. Eppel & Co. Inc., Kelly Sauder Rupiper Equipment LLC, Kelly Electric LLC, Mc Sherry Agency, Inc. Insurance

"Interurban Streetcar"
Presented by: Farnsworth Group

"Roszell'a Soda Fountain"
Presented by: Steve Estes & Jospeh Diaz

"Vermilion River & Mill"
Presented by: Illinois American Water

"Route 66"

An RCA mural along IL 116.

A Livingston County mural along IL 116.

A U.S. 66 mural along Main Street.

A Sentinel mural on the back of the Daily Leader Building.

A fire fighter mural on the fire department.

A mural on the side of a building along IL 116.

A mural on Ladd Street north of Reynolds.

A full building mural near the museum.

An Allen Candy mural.

Downtown Pontiac Sights
At Main and Howard Street is the Route 66 Museum and the Livingston County War Museum. Outside the Route 66 Museum is the sign and well from the old Wishing Well Resturant that was in Countryside, IL. As you walk up to the well and the door to the nuseum, you walk on bricks from and old brick section of IL St Rt 4, the road that U.S. 66 replaced.

The 66 attraction sign explaining the well.

The sign and well.

This sign expalings the bricks on the ground in the photo above.

A display about telecommunications along U.S. 66 across from the old fire department on IL 116.

A close up of the plaque above.

An Illinois Tourism Marker.

The close up of the marker above.

The Daily Leader building.

One of the little cars in downtown Pontiac.

Livingston County Courthouse Grounds

A war monument on the northeast corner of the grounds.