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Indiana Rail Junctions

From a simple single track, single track crossing, to a multi-line, multi-direction track crossing, if it is in Indiana, it is, or will be here.

Amtrak-South Shore/Michigan City, IN
Chesapeake & Indiana-Chicago, Ft. Wayne, & Eastern/Hanna, IN
CN/Griffith, IN
CN-Chicago, Ft. Wayne, & Eastern/Valparaiso, IN
CN-CSX-Chesapeake & Indiana/Wellsboro, IN
CN-Indiana Harbor Belt (Grassellie/Shearson Junction)/ East Chicago, IL
CN-Norfolk Southern/Highland, IN
CN-Norfolk Southern/Valparaiso, IN
CN-South Shore-Elkhart & Western/Stillwell, IN
CSX/Monon, IN
CSX-Elkhart & Western/Walkerton, IN
CSX-Norfolk Southern/Milford, IN
CSX-Norfolk Southern/Shelby, IN
CSX-Toledo, Peoria, & Western/Reynolds, IN
Elkhart & Western-Chicago, Ft. Wayne, & Eastern-Plymouth, IN
Indiana Harbor Belt-CSX/ East Chicago, IN
Indiana Harbor Belt-CSX (Gibson Junction)/ Hammond, IN
Norfolk Southern/Schneider, IN
Norfolk Southern-Canadian National (Van Loon Junction)/Griffith, IN
Norfolk Southern-Chesapeake & Indiana/Thomaston, IN
Norfolk Southern-Chicago, Fort Wayne, & Eastern/Warsaw, IN
Norfolk Southern-Canadian National-CSX (Pine Junction)/Gary, IN
Norfork Southern-CSX-Amtrak; Chesterton, IN
Norfolk Southern-CSX/Portage, IN
Norfolk Southern-Elkhart & Western/Argos, IN
Norfolk Southern-Indiana Harbor Belt (Osborn)/Hammond, IN
Norfolk Southern-Indiana Harbor Belt (Hohman Ave.)/Hammond, IN
Norfolk Southern-South Shore/La Porte, IN
Norfolk Southern-South Shore-Indiana Harbor Belt; Hegewisch-Chicago, IL/Hammond, IN
South Shore-Indiana Harbor Belt; Hammond, IN
Toledo, Peoria, & Western-Norfolk Southern/Logansport, IN